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Jira to your Toybox Project.

your feedback.

Notice something off? Immediately leave a comment directly on your site without ever leaving the page. Communication with your team has never been better, faster, stronger.

Automatically turn
feedback into Jira issues.

Connect Toybox to your Jira account, leave a new comment on your site, and we’ll automatically create a new Jira issue for your team to see. It’s that simple.

Have all the info
your team needs in Jira.


When you leave a comment, Toybox automatically takes a screenshot of the web page and sends it to Jira.


Every piece of data needed to reproduce the comment or issue gets sent to Jira including the browser, viewport size, and OS.

Comment & link.

Don’t worry, Toybox sends over the comment you left in Toybox to Jira including a link to view it in context.

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