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Visual Bug reporting made easy
Collect visual feedback from your team and clients directly on your site. Toybox is the fastest way to inspect, collaborate, and manage ideas on any website.
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Gather feedback anywhere
Toybox works on all browsers and can be installed on local, staging and live websites. No matter the platform or environment, Toybox has you covered.
Collaborate on your site
Toybox sits on top of your website - letting your team and clients mark up feedback, bugs and ideas directly on the web page. It’s like a digital whiteboard for your site.
Inspect your site's CSS
Say goodbye to clunky dev tools and hello to Inspect. Hover over any element to view clean CSS, accessibility issues and redlines.
Export to your favorite tools
Stop tracking feedback with lengthy email chains, confusing chat threads and scattered screenshots. Automatically export tasks from Toybox into your existing tools.
Track & fix bugs faster
Assign, prioritize, filter and resolve issues inside the Toybox app or directly on your site. Fixing bugs has never been easier with automatically captured screenshots, URLs, browser data and more.
Collaborate with
everyone at every stage
Gathering feedback from your clients has never been easier. No installation or downloads needed. Simply send your clients a URL and let the feedback roll in.
Notice a UI bug? No worries. Leave a comment directly on your site and automatically send it to your devs in seconds. Pixel-perfection is now possible.
Make sure you have all the information needed to reproduce and resolve any issue. View browser data, viewport sizes, URLs and more.
Keep track of every issue. Whether you’re viewing tasks in Toybox or your existing Project Mangement tools - always know every project’s status.
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