Create a new Project

Projects are where you'll do all your work in Toybox. There are two ways you can create new projects using Toybox - within the web app or using the extension/snippet.

How to create a Project in the Toybox web app

  • Name your Project and choose a color
  • Optionally, you can add a URL to your project. When you do this, you are identifying your project and can start leaving comments. You can always add or remove URLs later.
  • Press Create Project

How to create a Project using the Extension/Snippet

  • Open Toybox on a web page.
  • Click the "Open your sidebar" button

  • Once the sidebar has opened, click the Project Picker in the header
  • Click "+ New Project" button

  • Choose which Organization you want this project to be in
  • Name your Project and choose a color
  • Click Create New Project

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