the first design linter
Make your design files consistent
Roller is a plugin that lets you find and fix style inconsistencies. It’s like spell-check for your design tool.
Pure magic
Reach 100% consistency
Add your Style Guide and watch while Roller automatically finds inconsistencies and suggests replacements. Be confident every design you hand-off is 100% consistent.
Stop worrying about the 50 shades of gray cluttering your files - Roller has got you covered.
If a subtle line-height or letter-spacing is off, Roller will pick it up and get you back on-system.
Some things like shadow blurs can’t be caught by the human eye. That's why Roller is here to catch it for you.
Borders & Radiuses
Make sure your border widths, colors, and radiuses stay aligned with your Style Guide.
Keep your team in-sync
Import, store, and share your style guide. Make sure everyone on your team has up-to-date resources when creating.
Coming soon
This is just the beginning for Roller. We've got a lot of exciting new features coming up and we'd appreciate your help in deciding what should come next.
Automatically detect accessibility issues inside your design file before sharing with your team and Engineers.
Harness the magic of Roller in your Sketch files. Sign up for early access to be the first to give it a spin.
Adobe XD
Keep your XD files 100% consistent without breaking a sweat. Sign up for early access to stay in the know.
Upgrade your plan & team
For less than the price of a coffee - Roller helps you and your team create incredible and 100% consistent experiences.
For individuals who want to keep their design files consistent.


Billed annually for $24/year
All Starter features plus...
Lint Shadows, Borders, & Radiuses
Updates & New Features
For teams ready to make Toybox the hub for design consistency.


Per member/per month
All Atoms features plus...
Shared Style Guide
Priority Support
For those wanting to try out Roller for an unlimited period of time.


Lint Colors
Lint Text Styles
Save your Style Guide
Get started today
Install the plugin or sign up for early access to see the magic of Roller in your design tools.