Share Projects with Guests

A Guest is someone who only has access to specific projects within your Organization. Guests can leave new comments, reply to existing, view other member's or guest's comments - but only within the projects they've explicitly been invited to.

How to share a Project with a Guest (In-App)

  • Click either the Share Project button in the header or the Project Members tab in your sidebar

  • A modal will open, where you can add the emails of every Guest you'd like to join your Project
  • Click the Share button
  • Emails will be sent to everyone you invited to join this Project

How to share a Project with a Guest (Extension or Snippet)

  • Open the Toybox Extension or Snippet on any web page
  • Either click the "Settings" button in the Toybox Toolbar or click the "Share" button in the Sidebar header

  • Enter the email addresses of the Guests you'd like added to this Project and press "Invite"

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