Send an invitation to your Organization

When inviting someone to Toybox, you’ll need to decide whether you want to invite them to join your Organization or a specific Project. If you just want to invite someone to a specific project, they'll be a guest on that project and not a member of your Organization.

Inviting someone to your Organization

When you invite someone to join your Organization, they become a Team Member. A Member can access and edit all Projects within an Organization.

How to invite a member to your organization

  • Go to your Organization dashboard.
  • Click either the "Invite" button in the header or the "Team Members" Tab in your sidebar

  • When you click the Invite button, you'll see a modal that gives you more information about what inviting a Team Member to your Organization means.
  • Click the Get Invite Link button to get a shareable link. Anyone with that link can become a Team Member in your Organization.
  • Click the Invite Via Email button to add the emails of people you'd like to join your Organization.

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