Roles & Permissions

There are two roles within Toybox organizations that each have different permissions. Learn more about these roles and how they affect your account below.

Team Member

We define a team member as a user who is an admin within an organization(s). Toybox charges per team member within an organization. A team member is able to:

  • Create new projects
  • Archive existing projects
  • Configure and set-up integrations
  • Invite other team members to their organization
  • Share projects with guests
  • Upgrade and manage their organization's account
  • View all projects within the organization


We define a guest as a user who a project(s) has been shared with. A guest is able to:

  • View all comments inside a project
  • Reply to existing comments within a project
  • Leave new comments inside a project
  • Add new pages to a project

Toybox does not charge per guest. You can learn more about guests in our plans and pricing here.

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