Invite a Team Member

You can think of a Team Member as an admin within your Organization. They have the ability to create new projects, invite other team members, archive existing etc.

Inviting someone to your Organization

When you invite someone to join your Organization, they become a Team Member. A Member can access and edit all Projects within an Organization.

How to invite a member to your organization

  • Go to your Organization dashboard.
  • Click either the "Invite" button in the header or the "Team Members" Tab in your sidebar

  • When you click the Invite button, you'll see a modal that gives you more information about what inviting a Team Member to your Organization means.
  • Click the Get Invite Link button to get a shareable link. Anyone with that link can become a Team Member in your Organization.
  • Click the Invite Via Email button to add the emails of people you'd like to join your Organization.

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