Getting Started with Toybox

If you're new to Toybox, follow these 8 simple steps to start using Toybox with your team.

1. Join an Organization.

Designers and stakeholders collaborate on Projects inside of Organizations. Your Organization is your team's home for all feedback and issues. If you're the first person on your team to join Toybox, you'll need to create your team's Organization.

Already Invited to Toybox?If you were invited to an existing Toybox Organization, go to your invitation email and follow the prompts. Then, come back and continue to step 2.

2. Download the Chrome Extension or install the Toybox snippet.

To leave feedback on websites using Toybox, you'll need to either download the Chrome extension or install the Javascript snippet on your site.

3. Decide how to organize your projects.

In Toybox, you'll organize all your feedback into Projects. Since your team members will all share Projects, how you organize and name your Projects impacts your entire team.

We recommend organizing your projects in one of three ways:

  • By feature. This works great for teams that organize their work based on the features they're working on. For instance - on-boarding, homepage, etc.
  • By client. This works great for agencies who are working with multiple clients.
  • By device. This works well for teams that organize their feedback by device or screen resolution. For instance - mobile feedback, desktop feedback, etc.

4. Create your first Project.

To get started with Toybox, you'll need to create a Project to start collaborating with other designers and stakeholders.

5. Add a Web Page to your Project.

Next, you'll add a web page to your project that you can start leaving feedback on. You can add a new page to a Project in three, simple ways:

  1. Using the Toybox Web App
  2. Using the Toybox Extension
  3. Using the Toybox Snippet

6. Leave a comment.

Now that you've added a Web Page to your Project, it's time to open Toybox and start leaving your feedback! Once Toybox is loaded, enter the Comment Mode, point anywhere  you want to leave feedback, click, start typing, and press post!

7. Invite Team Members or Guests.

Invite a Team Member or share a Project with a Guest to your organization/projects to try out the entire Toybox-feedback loop.

8. Export your feedback

Now that you've left some feedback, it's time to export those issues to your existing tools! Using the Toybox extension or snippet, click the "Add Integrations" button to get started :)

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