Add Pages to your Project

Once you've created a Project, it's time to start leaving feedback on web pages within them! There are two ways you can add new Pages to your Projects.

Add a page through the Toybox app

  • Make sure you've already created a Project and either installed the snippet or extension.
  • From your Organization's dashboard, click into a Project
  • Click the Add Task button in the header or (if you've never left a comment in the project) click the Add New Task Button

  • If you haven't already added a URL to your project, you'll be prompted to do so here

  • Once you add a URL, Toybox will open that web page and you can start leaving tasks

Add a page using the Extension or Snippet

  • Launch the Toybox extension or snippet on any web page
  • Select the project you want to be working in

  • Post a new comment anywhere on the page
  • Toybox will automatically add that web page to your Project

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